Top selling countries: our ranking

Top selling countries: our ranking

1#  Thank YOU Switzerland for being #1 in Online Sales for 2019. Slowly the word is getting around and now accounts for 16% of all online sales.

#2 Thank you United States for being Number 2 in Online Sales. With 15% you were beaten out by Switzerland but you remain an integral part of Tondo’s Success.

#3 Thanks to our U.K. customers for the continued support. You have been through ups and downs, your currency took a beating yet you continued to support us. We appreciate your business and continued support. Third place with 14% of total online sales… Amazing!

#4 For years you were the top-buying Country, however, your new Custom’s laws have devastated sales. Not sure if things will ever be the same again, but thank you for sticking with Tondo through this transition and for your continued support.

#5 A special thanks to my Japanese Customers who remain loyal and continue to buy the best in Jazz and Italian Prog. The best ALWAYS goes to Japan.

#6 Thank you to my French Customers. I came to your Country this year to purchase three large collections and thus my offering to you has increased and with it sales. I absolutely LOVE coming to your Countryside to discover hidden gems and will see you again in March

#7 Canada. Steady, gentle, precise, kind. Thank you for always being a pleasure to deal with and thank you for your continued support. 8% of Online Sales to you!

#8 Grazie Italia! The postal nightmares continue but you never surrender. Thank you again for your continued support and for re-discovering Italo Disco!

#9 Sweden. Where else would Death Metal and Free Jazz go? you never cease to amaze me. Thank you!

#10 Finland. Like Sweden, the most bizarre and obscure pressings come to you. I discover more music through you than from any other Country on my list. Amazing people, Amazing Country! Thank you.

New this year a Customer from Palau! I tried trading vinyl for a visitor’s stay but I understand. Did a study on the local Economy and are debating opening a Tondo Palau branch.

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