Tondo’s 100 is NOT the BEST 100 records ever made, or an attempt to be a musical critique (God knows there are enough of them!).

Tondo’s 100 is a simple concept, these are Tondo’s favorite albums of all time and the ONLY criteria is that the record should be enjoyable over and over and over through the years and you never grow tired of it. Examples of what will NOT land on this list are timeless classics and universally acclaimed records such as The Beatles “White Album” or The Beach Boys “Pet Sounds”, both monumental works but difficult to listen in their entirety in one setting, let alone in back to back days. As such, the ONLY records that will appear on this list are those records that you can blindly pick any day, any time of the year which will bring instant musical happiness to your ears (the equivalent of Shawshank Redemption or Master and Commander in movies).