Tondo Music Sells DDU (Delivery Duty Unpaid).
We are worldwide sellers and are in no position to handle the importing to each Country in the world. The Buyer is therefore responsible for all costs associated with Importing which may include Import Fees, Value Added Tax (VAT) and/or Custom Charges and all other charges which your Country may impose on an import from Switzerland.

Additionally, unless you purchase shipping Insurance, you accept the risk of loss of or damage to the goods.

Swiss Sales Include VAT on both the Item’s Price and Shipping. As such, we are unable to accept offers and cannot give discounts on Swiss Sales.


Tondo Music is located on the shores of Lake Lugano and 15 yards from our Hamlet’s Post Office. We enjoy daily trips to the Post Office as it breaks the monotony hence we are daily shippers. We usually ship the same day we receive payment confirmation from Pay Pal unless of course the Post Office is Closed or it is too late to go that day.

We can, therefore, guarantee to you that your purchase is going to be processed within 24/48 business hours from your payment.


~ All Items are thoroughly cleaned prior to shipping
~ All of our boxes are specialty boxes made specifically for the media we are selling. No weird/homemade contraptions
~ All of our vinyl will include a protective outer sleeve
~ All of our vinyl are shipped with the vinyl and its sleeve outside its original jacket as to prevent damage to the jacket. We do not accept requests to ship in a method other than our Shop’s standard.
~ Sealed items are shipped as Sealed. We do not open them and remove the vinyl from inside the jacket
~ Tondo Music is a 100% smoke free environment



Tondo Music, Nuvola64 Sagl, its owners and employees are NOT accountable for lost, stolen, damaged items resulting from shipping.


At Tondo we take great pride in disclosing and grading what we are selling to its finest detail and we inspect ALL orders prior to sending out the final invoice so that if we find some hidden or unseen flaws are communicated prior to shipping.

That said, we are dealing with an imperfect science as vinyl and CD may have inherited flaws that cannot be seen or foreseen. We also have to take into consideration that the media has to work on your equipment with all its variables and considerations.

With this in mind, we are willing to accept a defective or not as described item provided that you ship it back in its original condition. Upon receipt and inspection of the item, we will refund you the original purchase price. We cannot refund the original shipping costs or the return shipping cost as those are the responsibility of the customer.

As customary with any online commerce we will try to work any issues out with the customer directly, in a way that satisfies all that those involved but we will require you, the customer, to be reasonable as well.

Keep in mind that at Tondo we don’t do well with negative feed-back threats. We are professionals and own a physical record shop, and we want you, the customer, to be satisfied. This is and always remains our No. 1 priority and we would like to do this with kindness and love… this is the Swiss way. Should you have a problem with the order simply message us with kindness and we will certainly find a way to address your concerns.


~ All media is VISUALLY inspected under strong light. Our inventory is in excess of 110,000 items and we cannot play grade everything we list
~ If there are areas of great concern we will play grade the specific area and disclose it. We test our vinyl on a Thorens MKII TD166 and our CD’s on a Revox Emotion B22
~ Tondo Music grading policy does not allow for any item which remains open to be graded as Mint. Our highest possible grade for a previously open item is therefore Near MINT
~ Tondo has been collecting, buying and selling vinyl since 1974 and CD’s for over 25 years and realizes that no two people see the same things. There are only two people that can grade at Tondo Music and we often “calibrate” ourselves against one another. That said you may occasionally disagree with our grade given. We will NEVER argue with a customer that disagrees with our grading as much will depend on your equipment, stylus, cartridge, tracking force, weight and a myriad of other factors which are unique to you, the customer. We will therefore immediately offer to take the item back for a full refund of the original price but not the shipping to and from and return. If you have specific concerns, always contact us prior to purchasing it but DO NOT buy a VG or VG+ vinyl expecting sound perfection, it simply is not a compatible strategy.
~ For the Audiophile and the collector of exceptional Classical Music, we strongly suggest to visit our store. Make a vacation out of it, it is going to be well worth it. We understand that you posses some of the finest and most expensive equipment in the world, and that your standards are considerably higher when it comes with background noise, crackling and the likes. That said, please keep in mind that our grading is visual.


Please DO NOT ask us to declare a value less than the purchase price in order to avoid local taxes. Tondo Music and Nuvola64 Sagl reserve the right to AUTOMATICALLY cancel the order from buyers making a request to alter the value of a product on the custom’s declaration.

Due to a recent spike of Customers Purchasing SEALED records only to claim damages and trying to return them we are now unable to offer returns on ANY SEALED item. ALL SALES ON SEALED VINYL RECORDS ARE THEREFORE FINAL.