Quite possibly one of the easiest picks for me, Crime of The Century is one word. Joy

Not as complex as Pink Floyd but with the same art prog rock feel and filled with all sorts of musical magic, amazing compositions but never taking itself too seriously thus keeping the lyrics affordable and understandable to all. Typical British Schoolboy humor may be missed if you are nonnative English but lyrics apart, this record is front to back a masterpiece.

I choose Crime of The Century over Breakfast in America for the simple reason that in this album there is no “Logical Song”, meaning no predominant hit, so unlike Breakfast in America where you skip track 1 to jump to 2 with Crime of The Century you drop the needle on track 1 and you go on a ride and what a ride it is!

I have listened to this record hundreds of times and it never failed me whether I was sober, high, drunk, buzzed, angry, happy, traveling, resting, reading, chilling, cooking, walking, you name it, Crime of The Century is one of those rare albums that remains enjoyable no matter what.

In my reviews and reasons for an album I rarely stop at one particular song or lyrics. However, for this album I want to make an exception and settle in on “Rudy”. Rudy is a simple song about a simple “unsophisticated” man, a man who like most of us is struggling to find meaning in life.

Rudy’s on a train to nowhere, halfway down the line
He don’t wanna get there, but he needs time

He ain’t sophisticated, nor well-educated
After all the hours he’s wasted, still he needs time

Rudy’s on a train to nowhere remains in my mind one of the most poetic ways of describing how many of us feel at times. Rudy is lost, going nowhere, he has no destination, no timeline, yet he needs more time even though he has wasted a lot of time already.

Anyone could relate to Supertramp and its lyrics and because of this they endured the test of time and million of us rewarded them with our presence at their endless tours.

Of note is that Supertramp and B.B. King remain my No. 1 and 2 groups I have seen in concert live. I am not sure how many times I have seen Supertramp in concert but it is well above 10 times and one of those rare groups that I have seen in multiple Countries (U.S., Switzerland, Italy, U.K.) and they never let me down.

If you do not own Crime of the Century you are missing out. Period.