The father of Space Psychedelic Cool Blues Rock, Steve Miller’s often tempestuous character led to institutional fights with those in power in the music business who he openly criticized. Notwithstanding and in spite of this the “powers to be” had NO choice but to elect him in 2016 into the Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame where he deservedly sits.

Fly Like An Eagle is one of those albums that was widely criticized and discounted as light pop rock of the 70’s but these are the same people who dismissed Led Zeppelin and Queen so who really cares! You can say all you want about Fly Like An Eagle but once you listen to it once it will simply grab you and from there you will play it again and again and will always find it beautifully structured and a wild mix of Blues Rock, Country, Psychedelia and Space Rock.

His early Chicago Blues roots have a definite influence here, but what began with “The Joker” in 1974 after a two year hiatus due to a car accident and hepatitis, lead to “Fly Like An Eagle” and a definite second part of his illustrious career, one as a Hit Maker.  Here you will find hit after hit like “Fly Like An Eagle” which comes in after a wild “Space Intro”, the psychedelic “Wild Mountain Honey”, and the impossibly catchy “Dance, Dance, Dance”. On Side B I forgive him for “You Send Me” because he will follow it with another psychedelic induced intro “Blue Odyssey” which leads to the psycho bluesy “Sweet Maree” and the devastating harmonica of James Cotton. Ending the record is the is the perfect end of day song with “The Window”.

Again, take away “You Send Me” and we have a near perfect album to listen front to end and an album destined to become a staple in your collection.