Everything was chugging along nicely, Disco was dead replaced by that mind numbing 80’s Electro Pop with and easy 4/4 beat, the U.S. economy was booming with even BMW entering the American Auto market and becoming the symbol of Yuppiness to an ever growing mobile and professional public. But the 90’s was pure Hollywood, and if one toured many of the Rust Belt Cities and Upper West Coast towns you could see an ever-growing dystopia and boiling underneath it all a youthful anger that at some point had to explode. And so it did, primarily through two groups, Alice in Chains and Nirvana fronted by the drug induced anger of Layne Staley and Kurt Cobain. 

And so it was that on September 21st 1991, Nevermind exploded onto the airways, and a musical wildfire started. Thinking back at those times (my son was 1 year old at the time), I remember feeling a sense of worry, thinking “that the party was over” and we were about to face some very tough times, and God was I right! As the next three decades have been nothing but a succession of shit storms. 

But besides all of these considerations, Nevermind was, is and will always be a musical masterpiece and one of the most complete albums of all time and even if you have no historical context you will immediately understand that here we are dealing with pain, anger, drugs, despair all wrapped up in superb music and musicians. 

There are no fluffs on this record and while Side A is definite stronger than Side B, the entire album is to be listened front to back without any skips of any kind and it marks the very last time that a new, original musical genre started and if you bring up Reggaeton as a musical genre you are going to be banned from the shop.