Japanese  Resealable Outer Sleeves 12″

Japanese Resealable Outer Sleeves 12″

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Product description

Japanese Resealable Outer Sleeves.

Pack of 20

If you worry about preserving the covers of your precious vinyl recordings, these archival-quality protective record sleeves for 12” singles, LPs and Double LP’s will keep vinyl artwork in pristine condition.

This product is ideal for use by collectors or resellers and allows for easy access when records are stored on shelves or racks.

Sleeves are made from specialist crystal clear anti-static to protect the cardboard of its outer jacket from natural wear and tear, dirt, scuffs, hair, dust, spills and fading.

Each sleeve is lightweight and designed to fit easily over the original cardboard cover of your record, providing a safe and snug fit while allowing room to accommodate gatefold jackets.

Designed for 12″ LP records
Easy to slip on around the record outer sleeve
Crystal clear plastic to easily identify your records and appreciate the art work, without removing from the protective cover
20 sleeves per pack
Made in Japan