TD 209 (Black)

TD 209 (Black)

1'270.00 CHF

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Product description

The TD 206 and TD 209 turntables are the younger siblings of the revolutionary, multiple-award-winning TD 309. However, they don’t have to live in the shadow of their older brother. Both models are built using only high-quality materials and parts. And both share a number of technical features with the TD 309, ensuring that their replay quality is up there with the best.

The new TP 90 tonearm uses the same ultra-low-friction, high-performance bearing and the innovative zero-stiction anti-bias system as the TP 92. The arm tube is made from rolled aluminium that is damped using RMR technology (reduced-modal-resonance), and the stainless-steel counterweight at the end of the arm tube is double-decoupled.

Tonearm height, azimuth and overhang are user-adjustable.

Low noise, low voltage DC motor
Electronic speed control (33 / 45)
Adjustable belt tension for best performance
Two-part aluminium/acrylic platter
New TP 90 tonearm with precision Japanese bearings
Tonearm adjustable for VTA, azimuth and overhang
Thorens TAS267 (AT95B) cartridge fitted
0.9kg acrylic / alloy platter
4.7kg net weight
MDF plinth with lacquer in High Gloss Red, Black or White
Made in Germany