TD 203 (Red)

TD 203 (Red)

870.00 CHF

The item is available for pick-up at Tondo Music, Viale Stazione 1, 6817, Maroggia
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Product description

The TD 203 is a high-quality, out-of-the-box solution. The turntable comes fully assembled and is factory-set. It takes no more than five minutes from opening the box to playing music from a vinyl record.

The TD 203 leaves aficionados room to fine-tune and adjust the performance to their personal preferences. The tonearm, for example, offers facilities to adjust azimuth and overhang. The pick-up cartridge can be easily changed in a matter of minutes. The scope of delivery includes a specially designed transparent Perspex dust cover.

The new TP 82 Tonearm features a rolled aluminium construction and uni-pivot design – a first in this class. Its bearing is a carbide tip resting within an intricate arrangement of five small bearing balls. The tonearm comes pre-installed with the Thorens TAS 257 cartridge, a high-quality moving-magnet pick-up suitable for all MM phono inputs.

Manually operated turntable
Low noise, low voltage electronically speed controlled DC motor
Adjustable belt tension
Electronically adjustable platter speed (33 / 45 RPM)
Uni-pivot design tonearm
Thorens TAS 257 cartridge fitted
Tonearm adjustable for azimuth and overhang
Designed in Germany
3.53kg net weight
MDF plinth with lacquer in High Gloss Red, Black or White