Thorens TD-158

Thorens TD-158

410.00 CHF

The item is available for pick-up at Tondo Music, Viale Stazione 1, 6817, Maroggia
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Product description

Fully automatic plug ‘n’ play turntable…
The TD 158 is a complete and comfortable record player. Plug-and-play, so to speak. It goes without saying that it features a fully automatic mode of operation, an electronic speed selector and last but not least, a high-quality acrylic cover to keep dust away.

Tonearm and cartridge have been pre-mounted and painstakingly adjusted in the factory. All necessary leads are supplied with the unit and the record player is ready to play with a flick of the wrist. The entry into the wonderful world of analog music is as simple as this!

Fully automatic turntable
Includes clear lid to keep dust out
Thorens TP 17 tonearm
DN251S MM cartridge fitted
Internal flat drive belt
Electronic speed control (33 / 45)
400g aluminium alloy platter
4.6kg net weight
Black structured enamel finish
Made in Germany