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Product description

Introducing Rega’s flagship integrated amplifier, the Osiris.

The Osiris is the culmination of 32 years’ experience in solid-state amplifier development. A no compromise, super high performance, 162 Watts into 8 Ohms (250 Watt 4 Ohms), dual mono amplifier housed in a custom Rega CNC machined aluminium case. Designed around “minimalist” high gain power amplifier and “passive pre-amplifier” circuit topology, a passive volume control and a single stage of power amplification between the input and the speakers, the Osiris offers unrivalled performance and build quality.

All these features combine to create the supreme level of performance found in the Osiris and provide a perfect partner for our Isis CD player. We hope that you enjoy this product as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

Technical Specifications:

Thermal cut out
Electronic thermal DC protection
Short Circuit Protection
Galvanically isolated power supply
Nichicon Audio Grade Capacitors
Cascoded differential input
Direct Input
High Specification mains lead
Custom aluminium Osiris remote control
Specifications at 160w into 8Ω

Power output 162 Watts per channel RMS
Input sensitivity for 160 Watts into 8Ω 250 Watts into 4Ω
Amplifier gain: Direct input 44dB
Record output 215mV into 100K
Frequency Response 10Hz (-1.7dB point)
THD + Noise Less than 0.05%
Power consumption 560W at 115/230V
Dimensions: W 434mm x D 350mm x H 122mm
Weight 25.6kgs