For a second, imagine yourself in the 70’s. Wall-wall green fuzzy carpet in your bedroom, a pair of 1972 Pioneer CS-A700 Three Way Speakers positioned in a V about 40 cm apart, just enough to make room for your head as you lay down. Teen-age boy baked on some cheap grass, laying down on the sea of green fur that is your dirty carpet, lowering the needle down on Grand Funk, closing your eyes …..

Track 1: Sin’s A Good Man’s Brother = Kick in the right nut

Track 3: Aimless Lady = Kick in the left nut

Track 2: Nothing is The Same = Round house kick to both nuts

Track 4: Mean Mistreater = You are thinking…. O.k. I can breath now … and just like that… WHAMN! A Ju-no-kata which throws you to the ground ending with a pile drive elbow to your dick and balls. .

Track 5: Get it Together = You regain a state of semi-consciousness, your breathing regains a normal rhythm and the gospel feel to it makes you feel that maybe Jesus will save you. He won’t

And as one of the most epic Side A ends, you ask yourself, should I venture onto Side B? you stare at the Bong and it nods at you. You fire it up, one more toke you say to yourself, one more toke and I will study Chemistry afterwards.

Track 1: Don’t Have to Sing The Blues – A nice tune, safe, very little anger, placing you on your door step of what is next.

Track 2: Hooked on Love – THE DEFINITION of 70’s blues rock. An instant classic!

Track 3: I’m Your Captain – With its 10 Minutes 12 Seconds of music delight it ends one of the greatest albums ever made

A mix of Blues Rock, Psychedelia, soaring lyrics Closer to Home is one of possibly three Grand Funks that I could have picked, but due to the circumstances of how I first listened to it (green carpet and all) it is forever burned into my psyche and forever solidly placed in my top 100 albums of all time.

I am getting closer to my home…. I am getting closer to my home

Amen brother!

And Chemistry is skipped today as well.