Oh I hear you! Tondo! What have you been smoking?? The Long Run over Hotel California? Over Desperado? over One Of These Nights?


Point 1: The Eagles BELONG in anyone’s top 100 list of albums, the ONLY question is which album!

Point 2: The Eagles were great hit makers, and their albums were filled with great hits, but that is the problem with ALL the other albums! Each contains two massive hits and two other well known hits but NONE of the other albums are as complete as “The Long Run”. Don’t believe me? Let’s do this!

Eagles – Eagles 1972 Debut

  • Take it Easy = Quite possibly one of their greatest songs
  • Peaceful Easy Feeling = Re-defined that California, Southern Rock feeling
  • Witchy Woman = Great song with obscure lyrics and that Indian Southern feel to it

The rest? Obscurity.

Desperado – 1973

  • Tequila Sunrise = Like Peaceful Easy Feeling, an absolute Classic of the Southern Cali smooth sound
  • Desperado = Love it!
  • Certain Kind of Fool = O.K. I like it

The rest? Obscurity

On The Border – 1974 (possibly their most under rated album)

  • Already Gone = Eagles
  • Best of My Love = Total smutandinamento requiring a Zamboni to pick them all up

The rest? An absolutely solid album with good songs, but you KNOW you are listening to it for these two songs.

One Of These Nights – 1975

  • One of These Nights = THE definition of what the Eagles are
  • Lyin’ Eyes = Great song, great lyrics, amazing melody. Bravo!

The rest? You have already forgotten them!

Hotel California – 1976 (Here we have 4 great songs! But still the other ones are forgettable)

  • Hotel California = One of THE most recognizable songs on earth?
  • New Kid In Town = At par with Lyin’ Eyes. An absolute classic
  • Life in the Fast Lane = Another great song and part of this amazing Side 1
  • Victim of Love = Solid, solid song

The rest? You don’t know they are even there and with the advent of the remote control on the CD player they went to that place called camera obscura.

The Long Run – 1979

Finally a complete album front to back, with the only “filler” being “The Greeks Don’t Want No Freaks” where Frey and Henley decided to appeal to the College Fraternity crowd so that they may have an anthem during their Campus concerts. I forgave them long ago.

So there you have it, case closed! The Long Run IS THE ONLY Eagles album you will listen front to back and if you got a problem with that you know where to find me!

Bring it!