Welcome To Tondo Music

Tondo Music, located on the shores of beautiful Lake Lugano in Maroggia is the realization of a dream of bringing back to life an original record store. Born in the early 60’s Tondo began his lifelong love for music by studying the Flute at the Conservatorio G. Nicolini in Piacenza. At the age of 17 Tondo moves to the United States with a suitcase and a handful of his favorite records and over the course of the following 30 years his collection would grow to include over 45,000 vinyl pressings, the result of an endless appreciation for all types of musical genres and a near addiction to Original 1st After a 25 year Corporate career, Tondo decides to retire to the small Hamlet of Maroggia, on the banks of Lake Lugano. There he sees an old stone building, with a store front that immediately reminded him of Dobell’s Record Shop in London, the place where he purchased his very first 45 rpm.
After many sleepless nights the decision was made, this was the right place to open a record store, and the fact that the town has 529 living souls was not a deterrent, rather a plus. Build it, and they will come… and so it begun, January 1st If you are ready to take a journey back in time, make your way to beautiful Maroggia, find the local Post Office and look across the street.

There you will find Tondo, who will personally welcome you to his store, spin your favorite albums, and if you stay long enough, he will offer you a drink and trade stories about a world where music was enjoyed slowly… 33 rotation per minutes at a time. Rock On